Fuck it I’m Buying a Cabin Candle

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Get ready to dive into the scorching world of Virgins on Fire Candle Co., where our fiery jar candles are forged with pure Brooklyn, NY pride. We're not just igniting your senses with the unforgettable fusion of Smoked Honey & Cedar – we're setting it ablaze with our kick-ass gay-owned, sober-owned business flair.

The Sustainable Glory of 100% Soy Wax. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY with Unapologetic Queer-Owned and Sober-Owned Passion. Safe and Phthalate-Free Aromas that Rock Your World .45-50 Hours of Pure Burning Ecstasy

Every Candle Includes the Phrase, "This Candle Was Handmade by a Gay Man, Not a Multinational Corporation with a Rainbow Logo 30 Days out the Year."